Savage Lether & Snakeskin

Savage Lether & Snakeskin bracelets | SAVAGE by Nirbana Soul

This is a unique and exclusive Danish design series of stunning leather and snake bracelets in authentic Italian leather and Python skins. These men’s leather bracelets are made with the best materials. Because of the leathery material, it will get more and more beautiful with time, and give the bracelet extra style and personality. The raw and cubic-like style that characterizes these men’s leather bracelets makes them particularly suitable to create your own style and personality by combining them with other types of bracelets. Especially Nirbana Soul ball and pearl bracelet would do this. These two types of bracelets work perfectly together.

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Savage Black No. 14
Savage Black No. 15
Savage Black No. 29
Savage Blue No. 23
Savage Blue No. 24
Savage Brown No. 17
Savage Brown No. 18
Savage Brown No. 19
Savage Brown No. 37
Savage Brown No. 38
Savage Brown No. 39
Savage Kopper No. 32
Savage Kopper No. 33
Savage Mahogny No. 10
Savage Mahogny No. 11
Savage Mahogny No. 13
Savage Mahogny No. 27
Savage Poker armbånd No. 34
Savage reptile Black No. 35
Savage reptile White No. 20
Savage reptile Brown No. 21
Savage reptile Brown No. 28
Savage Snake - Python 110
Savage Snake - Python 115
Savage White No. 41
Savage White No. 42