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Magnetic bracelet for women

Nirbana Soul Magnetic bracelets for her. Danish-designed magnetic bracelets for women in the new smart style. The philosophy is that even though you might wear a magnetic bracelet of “practical” reasons, so do it in absolutely not boring way. Anna Izabela has designed a beautiful, wide range of magnetic bracelets with powerful magnetic forces in a multitude of colors and styles. These magnetic bracelets are available for both women and men (read more below)

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Nirbana Soul magnetic bracelet for women

Here, Nirbana Soul has designed an entire series of magnetic bracelets, which, aside from their magnetic properties, are also incredibly beautiful in their modern look and bright bead colors. All stones are real magnetized hematite, and the magnetic bracelets release a magnetism of about 10,000 gauss, which is a sensibly small amount of magnetism. Science, or rather the wisdom underlying magnetic bracelets is several thousands of years old – actually, the Chinese were the first to identify the potentially positive characteristics of magnetism. Independent studies have shown that the magnetic bracelets have an effect on blood circulation and the absorption of oxygen in the body. At the same time, a beneficial effect on the nervous system and on endorphin levels has been noted. In a nutshell, this means that magnetic bracelet may have the ability on the cellular level to help your body through regeneration, pain relief, and many other positive attributes. Nirbana Soul’s designer magnetic bracelet gives you the opportunity to try it out yourself, while wearing an incredibly beautiful, 100% handmade piece of quality jewelry in real Danish design.

A bit of “technical” background about our beautiful magnetic bracelets: Magnetic beads are not “just” beads with magnetism, but rather a whole little science unto itself. We use only the highest quality of permanent, magnetic beads for our magnetic jewelry, magnetic bracelets and magnetic necklaces. Commonly known as magnetic hematite, hematine, or magnetite, these magnetic beads are composed of high quality, permanent, ferrimagnetic, ceramic compounds, derived from hard ferrite iron oxides from hematite and/or magnetite and other oxides. These are heated, milled, and finally compressed such that the material retains the essential characteristics of high coercivity [resistant to demagnetization] and high remanence [keeps its magnetism]. The resulting composites are finished by polishing and coating with layers of mother of pearl dips in various fashion colors. At the same time, the finish is extremely resistant against scratches and other external impact.

The above is clinically supported in a number of ways, however, Nirbana Soul cannot take responsibility for the accuracy, nor promise or guarantee the healing powers attributed to magnetism.