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Nirbana unik kvalitet i smykker

Macramé and authentic leather jewellery is an art form, that besides the extreme precision, also requires proper developed materials. Therefore, stones, crystals, metals, leather and especially thread are selected and produced with very great care. A care and quality only achieved through good partners and suppliers around the world.

Our jewellery is in a class of its own, with quality and workmanship, which since 2010 has been developed to perfection. A perfection, which is only possibly achieve through production in Denmark and Scandinavia.

Nirbana Soul jewellery is made ​​to be used, and will be, due to the use of our exclusively selected materials and professional production, keeping their gloss and firmness for a longer time than you usually see in this type of jewellery.

All our jewelry is 100% handmade and checked individually to ensure equal and high quality. This is your guarantee for a good experience.

We are simply experts in this type of jewellery.

Stentester - Alle sten testes professionelt

Genuine stones, crystals and gemstones

In order to deliver the best quality and to find more rare materials, we now acquire all of our stones, gems and metals from around the world, where the different materials are available. All components used in our jewellery, whether it is gems, semi-precious stones, crystals or metals are all authentic and tested, either through our own test lab or by thermal conductivity. We do not use composite, synthetic or painted stones, as these will never achieve a real and acceptable durability, gloss or exclusivity.

Nirbana Soul is also working with the Austrian jewellery manufacturer “SWAROVSKI” who supplies us with different “elements” mainly included in our designs for women. These beautiful and feminine elements live up to our philosophy and requirements for extreme quality and are extremely popular among our many customers worldwide.

All our stones and metals are, of course, allergy-tested.

Ægte italiensk kernelæder og special tråd til knytning

Specially developed> 5 core < wire thread

One of the great secrets of a perfect macramé bracelet or jewellery is, in general, the thread used to knot with. The thread which is only about 1.1 mm. thick, must possess a quantity of abilities, such as durability, to achieve a perfect piece of jewellery that can last for a very long time. A firmness in the merge, which means that the jewellery will always feel new, and that the wire can’t be stretched, to cause the jewellery to become unnecessarily worn.

The thread used for Nirbana Soul jewellery is specially developed and has taken over a year to optimize to perfection. The process of the merge of this thread is a really demanding process, done by optimized precision-braiding-machines running around the clock, since the merge process takes about five minutes pr. meter.

The thread contains a core of five permanent longitudinal threads which are woven in an extremely fast “must”. (Almost like the old style in the power cable with braided fabric around), the yarn type used is 100% synthetic, which is important in order to achieve all the desired abilities, and to keep the bracelet free of bacteria and to make the jewellery less vulnerable to effects of the fluids. The thread is of course allergy-tested.

Nirbana Smykkedesigner og guldsmed


In SAVAGE leather jewellery is a series where only authentic leather is used, and where possible, grain leather that has a feature that only makes the leather more beautiful with use and time. Most leather is brought from Italy that has, over hundreds of years, developed the most delicate and fine leather products. Few can do it because leather jewellery must be able to withstand a bit of everything. All our leathers are obviously tested for chemical additives and complies with the strict rules and conditions. We test for lead, Azo, PCP, formaldehyde, cadmium and chromium.


Locking system – Logo

There are no compromises, and having been taught by another jewellery factory, since 2010, these units should be extra durable, whether it is the gold or silver version. All the “silver locks” in Nirbana Soul jewellery is today in massive 316 steel, and therefore quite indestructible. Our gold and rose gold locks are coated with a thick layer of real gold, and then treated with our unique “diamond coating”.

Nirbana lås til knyttede armbånd

Everything comes in a special jewellery box with logo

All Nirbana Soul jewellery comes in a luxuriously designed jewellry case, which, aside from being the perfect storage place, is also the perfect gift.

Smykkeæske til Nirbana smykker

Perfect fit

A bracelet should fit perfectly, and if you are in doubt about our standard sizes in bracelets fit precisely you, click here to see how to measure your wrist.

Sådan måler du dit håndled


Using macramé bracelet



A little more information about us and our jewellery

  • Size of bracelets for women: Adjustable and typically fit a wrist from about 15.0 to 17.0 cm. (Tightly measured at the wrist)

  • Size of bracelets for men: Adjustable and typically fit a wrist from about17,0 to 19,0 cm. (Tightly measured at the wrist)
  • The colours on the bracelets may vary slightly from the colours shown in the pictures. Similarly, the diameter of the stones also varies minimally, since we’re using only natural stones and crystals.

  • As we work with real leather, the colouring and pattern could slightly vary. But we always aim to provide jewellery as uniform as possible.
  • All bracelets are 100% handmade ​​and checked individually to ensure uniformity and high quality.

  • Our bracelets are produced  in Danmark / EU to achieve the highest possible quality.
  • In order to maintain the beads gloss, avoid swimming with the bracelet, or get in contact with perfume, ammonia or other chemicals.

  • Avoid cleaning with ultrasound. You can read more about maintenance of our jewellery.
If you have and quastions about our jewellery, do not hesitate to contact us.