Mother and daughter matching sets

Mother and daughter bracelets in Unique designs

A mother and daughter bracelet set, is a beautiful visualization of the unbreakable connection between two generations. Nirbana presents a charming collection of Mother/Child Bracelets. The perfect present for mother and daughter. Unique perfectly matching bracelet sets. Also available for mother and baby (read more at the bottom of this page)

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Maia armbånd
Maia bracelet
Maia Pige armbånd
Maia Mor & Datter
Meissa armbånd
Meissa bracelet
Meissa pige armbånd
Meissa Mor & Datter
Merga armbånd
Merga bracelet
Merope pige armbånd
Merope Mor & Datter
Milani pige armbånd
Milani Mor & Datter
Mintaka armbånd
Mintaka bracelet
Mintaka pige armbånd
Mintaka Mor & Datter
Misty pige armbånd
Misty Mor & Datter
Monell pige armbånd
Monell Mor & Datter
  • Now also available in babies size.
  • Delivered in a beautiful gift box.
  • Separate jewellery bag for the girl bracelet.
  • Amazing gemstones, corals and crystals.

With a Mother and Daughter Bracelet set, the blood ties are sealed – visible to everyone. The bracelets for mother and daughter is a perfect present – from mother to daughter or from daughter to mother. Or as the ideal present for Mother’s Day. Check out Nirbana’s new collection of Mother and Daughter Bracelet sets in sizes with perfect fit for mother and child.

The Mother and Daughter Bracelet sets are delivered in a single box in a stunning design, but the girl bracelet has it’s own room in the box – wrapped in a charming jewellery bag.

Wide range of exciting gemstones – tiger eye stones, turquoise, Himalayan crystals, fossil corals.

As a standard, our handmade Mother and Daughter Bracelets sets are delivered to fit a girl in the age of 5-11 years – the size is 12-14 cm.  The bracelet for mother has a standard size of 15.5-17 cm. But as something new, we can also deliver bracelets to fit younger girls in the age of 0-5 years. If you want your child bracelet in the smallest size, all you need to do is to note “baby” in the comments box when you place your order.

If you have other comments according the size of your new Mother and Daughter Bracelet set, you are welcome to note them in the same comments box. Of course, all materials are tested and free of unwanted additions like nickel, lead & cadmium for you and your child’s safety.