jewelry maintaninence

Maintenance of Nirbana Soul jewellery

All our jewellery is made with high quality and genuine precious gemstones and metals, and it should give you many years of wearing pleasure, so we advise you to treat it with care.

To make it last, and to keep it shining and bright, always avoid submerging it in tap, pool or sea water.

Never bring it into contact with perfume, an ammoniac or chemicals of any kind. Also avoid the use of any kind of ultrasonic cleaner.

We recommend that you do not sleep or do sport while wearing the jewellery, or subject it to any other kind of rough treatment.

Try to remember to wipe your jewellery with a soft, moist cloth after wearing it, to keep it clean and shiny.

Please take extra special care of jewellery containing small crystals, as they are more fragile.

Also be aware that all silver, gold and platinum coating and plating can and will wear off after a period. Durability depends on many factors such as the general treatment as plating is not well tolerate chemicals, soaps etc.
Some people have a more acidic sweat which can also affect the sustainability of any plating.

Silver plating will naturally oxidise and darken over time.

We hope you will enjoy your jewellery in really long time.