Nirbana bracelets

Nirbana Soul Bracelet

Unique and masculine designed macrame bracelets for men and boys. Made and designed in a excellent quality and performance, that you simply can’t find anywhere else. We can guarantee and fully live up to this. All of our materials, stone or metals, is carefully selected to match a masculine style and design.

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8mm Koral Armbånd
8mm Dezil Armbånd
8mm Granat Armbånd
8mm Jaspis Armbånd
8mm matsort Armbånd til mænd
8mm Moonstone Armbånd
8mm Onyx Armbånd
Barto armbånd
Barto bracelet
Benz armbånd
Benz bracelet
Bernero bracelet
BIG12 Gator Armbånd
BIG12 Tace Armbånd
BIG12 Taha Armbånd
Sort lava armbånd
Buddha Armbånd
Chane armbånd
Chane bracelet
Classic Mat Sort armbånd til mænd
Classic Sort armbånd til mænd
Classic Tigereye armbånd til mænd
Classic Hvidt armbånd til mænd
Draco Gold armbånd
Draco Silver armbånd
DZI Ian armbånd
DZI Ian bracelet
Elix armbånd
Elix bracelet
Fossil armbånd
Fossil bracelet
Frosted Agate (Army) armbånd
Galois Silver Armbånd
Garnet armbånd
Garnet bracelet
Golf armbånd - Mand
Ixion armbånd
Ixion bracelet
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Nirbana Soul – Danish designer jewellery

The bracelets from Nirbana Soul are true Danish design and are manufactured in Europe in our own factory, where all jewellery, bracelets, necklaces, etc. each undergoes a strict quality testing and review, to ensure that each piece of jewelry, has the quality and strength to live up to our very high standards. As the only design house, to our knowledge, we use a special diamond coating for extra protection on all silver and gildings, so our jewellery will last for daily use, and will remain nicer much longer compared to similar jewellery from other suppliers.

Nirbana Soul Jewellery – when you want your jewellery way beyond the ordinary.