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Nirbana Soul – Since 2010

At Nirbana Soul we produce men’s bracelets, women’s bracelets and necklaces and have been on the market since 2010. Our Danish designed bracelets and necklaces for men and women are all designed with tested genuine stones, pearls, crystals and many other exciting and exotic materials. Each pearl necklace, whether it is a pearl bracelet or necklace, undergoes thorough self-checking before it is shipped to you. For although it is our goal that a beautiful women’s or men’s wristband or necklace does not have to cost a fortune, it is our philosophy and objective that the quality of all our jewelry, bracelets and necklaces is at the very top and far exceeds what you otherwise find in the same price rent.

Here in our online jewelery shop you can see our full range of designed Danish jewelry for men and women. We have a wide range of Danish designed jewelry in the categories Jewelery for men and jewelry for women, under which you can find both men’s bracelets, women’s bracelets, necklaces for men and necklaces for women. We also have our Nirbana Soul men’s watches, which are produced in the highest quality with the market’s most durable movement. There is not a penny saved when it comes to using the best components throughout. Both our women’s and men’s bracelets and jewelry in general, follow the hot trends of the time, designed with everything from genuine Swarovski crystals, black onyx stones, agates, real volcanic lava rock, corals, genuine Tibetan skulls and many other beautiful, raw and genuine stone types. Many of our jewelry designs are made as a macrame bracelet, which is a special bonding method that has been used for over 800 years. The macrame bracelets are the ones where the string is attached around each stone and crystal.

Nirbana Soul is a 100% genuine Danish company and we design our jewelry ourselves. We have our own production unit, so that we are completely master of all details, from our quality and to delivery times. Nirbana Soul is not just a delicious piece of jewelry for her but also the perfect jewel for men. We describe it as jewelry for men & amp; world-class women, and therefore you will also find Nirbana Soul jewelry in other countries. Nirbana Soul Jewelry is the perfect gift idea for him or her you love. We welcome you warmly and hope you find something you like. We are always ready to help you if you have any questions.