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Nirbana Soul – Exclusive designed magnetic bracelets for men

Here you will find the market’s finest power magnetic bracelet for men, in colourful design and with a rough and masculine expression. Magnetism in a limited amount, has for centuries been used for, and recognized by many, to ease muscle and joint pains plus many other symptoms. In the last few years, many people has started to use these types of jewellery, like magnetic golf bracelets to ease joints and provide more strength. All our magnetic bracelets for men and women are designed with genuine and magnetic hematite stones. (Feel free to read more about it in the bottom of this page)

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Magnetarmbånd - Platin
Magnetarmbånd - blå
Magnetic bracelet – blue
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Magnetarmbånd - Mørkegrøn
Magnetarmbånd - Mørk sølv
Magnetarmbånd - String
Magnetic bracelet – platinum
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Nirbana Soul magnetic bracelets for men

All the stones we use in our designs of magnetic bracelets for men and women, are made from genuine hematite stones which are magnetized. The magnetic bracelets emit a magnetism of about 10.000 Gaus, which is a reasonable small amount of magnetism. The science behind the magnetic bracelets is thousands of years old – is was the Chinese, who first described the possible positive qualities of magnetism.  Independent studies have shown that the magnetic bracelets have an effect on the blood flow, including the body’s absorption of oxygen. As there is registered a beneficial effect on the nervous System and the endorphin level. In short this means, that magnetic bracelets, at the cellular level can have an ability to help the body to recover, ease pains and many other positive qualities.

Nirbana Soul’s designed magnetic bracelets provides you with the opportunity to try for yourself, and in the same time be the wearer of an amazingly beautiful and handmade quality jewellery in genuine Danish design.

Some more “technical” background knowledge about our magnetic bracelets:

Magnetic beads are not “just” a bead with magnetism, but a very small science in itself. We only use the highest quality of permanent magnetic beads for our magnetic jewellery. Magnetic bracelets and necklaces. Usually called magnetic hematite, hematite or magnetite. The magnetic beads is composed of permanent ferric-magnetic, ceramic compounds of high quality derived from hard ferrite iron oxides from hematite and/or magnetite and other oxides, that is warm, ground and in the end pressed so the material keeps the important qualities as a high coercivity [resistant to demagnetization] and with a high residue [keeps magnetism]. The formed composites are completed by polishing and surface treatment with coatings of mother of pearl-dips in different fashionable colours. The surface treatment is also extremely resistant to scratches and other external influences.

The above is substantiated clinically in various forms, but Nirbana Soul can not assume the accuracy or promise or vouch for the healing powers, the magnetism has been attributed to.

Today these types of magnetic bracelets are used by many golfers as some kind of Golf magnetic bracelet.