Magnetic bracelet – Dark silver

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Magnetic bracelet for men in dark silver

Nirbana Soul offers a collection of beautifully designed magnetic bracelets for both men and women. Each bead, which is based on genuine hematite stones, are weakly magnetic.

Through the years, the magnetism has earned a reputation for the ability to ease pains in joints, stimulate the blood flow and many other positive influences. (We can not vouch for the information above, as there are no qualified documentation for the assumed healing powers from magnetism.)

Stone size is about 10 mm.

The bracelet comes in a luxuriously designed jewellery case, which, aside from being the perfect storage place, is also the perfect gift.

The sizes of this bracelet is adjustable and fits on a wrist between 17,0 to 19,0 cm. (tight measured on the wrist).


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