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A true power bracelet for men Garnet

Masculine bracelet with garnet stones that are bound by macramé method.

The Garnet stone type we use in our designs is an exciting deep burgundy coloured stone but when the light hits the stone it is given a very special life and depth. Garnet is also called American Rubin due to the colour and the extreme hardness.

POWER STONES: (The properties conferred Garnet stone)

Garnet is known as the stone that can help to create themselves a successful life and could boost one’s libido and sex drive. Garnet is also known as a protective stone while travelling.

Stone size is about 10 mm.

The sizes of this bracelet is adjustable and fits on a wrist between 17, 0 to 19, 0 cm. (tight measured on the wrist)

The bracelet comes in a luxuriously designed jewellery case, which, aside from being the perfect storage place, is also the perfect gift.




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