Nirbana Skulls

Nirbana Soul Skull bracelet for men

Here is our cool design collection of skull bracelets. Bracelets with skulls is always “in”, and our skull jewellery also has the good style, design and performance so they can be worn for all occasions and with other jewellery.
After the Buddhist faith, worn skulls as jewelry keep us in constant knowledge that we are not immortal and therefore we must remember to enjoy life every minute. A philosophy we can relate to.

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Savage Black No. 31
Savage Brown No. 18
Savage Brown No. 39
Savage Mahogny No. 11
Skulls armbånd - Edge
Skulls armbånd - Kepala
Skulls armbånd - Riax
Skulls armbånd - Toran BIG12
Skulls armbånd - Epic
Skulls armbånd - Epic Gold
Skulls armbånd - Epic Gun
Skulls armbånd - Maltron
Skulls armbånd - Spike
Skulls armbånd - Torill BIG12

Check here our wide collection of skull bracelet, both in Macrame and leather designs.