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Golf bracelet for men

Here is the world’s best gift for the man who plays golf, or wants a beautiful bracelet

Fantastic and stylish bracelet for men in bright white fossil corals, sanded with 128 small facets. The sanding gives the crystals a fantastic look like golf balls.

These corals / crystals are mined in a height of about 2800 meters in the Himalayan Mountains, and the ancient corals has been compacted through millions of years. The crystals, especially when they are white and bright like these, are considered as the most auspicious (good luck) element, by the Tibetan monks.

Crystal size is approx 10 mm. This golf bracelet comes in a jewellery box, itis the perfect way to keep the bracelet on when not in use.

The sizes of this bracelet is adjustable and fits on a wrist between 17,0 to 19,0 cm. (tight measured on the wrist)


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