Zeel cross necklace

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WHITE ZEEL necklace with cool gold cross

White Zeel necklace is our most popular necklace at the time. Beautiful black necklace in rough and good style.

Zeel white is a long necklace with cool cross in gold. The necklace is composed of white Fossil corals and gold balls with topaz colour Himalayan crystals. The crystals gives the necklace a little sparkle in contrast to the oryginal white corals. The mounted cross is rather big than small, gilded in a bright gold colour and mounted with some small topaz colour CZ crystals. The cross is also extra “diamond” coated, which is a hardened and scratchproof surface that makes the cross seem new and pretty for a long time.

The length of white coral Zeel necklace with the cross is about 84 cm.

Lenght of gold cross is approximately 6 cm. high.

Coral diameter is about 10 mm.

White Zeel necklace comes in a nice jewelery box which is the optimal storage when not in use.

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