Black lava bracelet

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Black lava bracelet for women

A mixture of beauty and rawness, this power bracelet is a combination of genuine volcanic lavastone.

Great for wearing alone and also perfect in combination with other bracelets from Nirbana Soul.

Power of the stones: Lava stone is known as the stone that can help bring balance to your life, if you feel like you are in a weak period. The stone is said to “gather” energy from the earth and is said to be rejuvenating as well. The size of the lava stones is about 10 mm.

The bracelet comes in a luxuriously designed jewellery case, which, aside from being the perfect storage place, is also the perfect gift.

The size of this bracelet is adjustable and typically fits a wrist of about 15.5 to 17.0 cm (measured close to the wrist).


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