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POWER NECKLACE Genuine Fossils

That Fossils necklace relatively short model. The necklace is unique designed with genuine, over 100 million year old fossils. A quite unique, exciting and fair precious gem, if you want something special. A necklace in our usual extreme quality and workmanship.

Note that since there are very special fossil stone they can vary with colour from necklace to necklace, but we always use the series of stone that has the same expression.


Fossil coral is known to contribute to the serenity and inner peace and to be able to absorb negative energies. The stone is also associated with platonic love, friendship and community. Fossil stone is generally a very full power gem

The necklace is about 62 cm. long and stone size / diameter is about 10mm.

This fossil necklace comes as all our bracelets and necklaces, in a nice box. Perfect as storage and as a gift idea.


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