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A true power bracelet for men

Bracelet with genuine handmade Dzi agates from Tibet. Dzi stones are beautifully composed with genuine natural rubber balls. A beautiful hand-made rubber bracelet with macrame bonds.

A little info about this very special Dzi stone / talisman: a DZI bead is a dark brown and mostly old agate bead etched with mysterious eyes, heavenly patterns and different symbols. Dzi originated from the Buddhist lamas and is said to possess protectiv qualities and be very healing. Futhermore brings happiness and prosperity to the wearer. Tibetans believe that those who wear this powerful talisman Dzi” are immune to negativity from eviil spirits in our environment. The different patterns and the use of its Dzi talisman is crucial to its powers. Dzi stones we use are 100% authentic and come from Tibet and the Himalayas.

This Dzi & raw rubber bracelet has a really bold charisma.

Stone size is about 10 mm

The bracelet comes in a luxuriously designed jewellery case, which, aside from being the perfect storage place, is also the perfect gift.

The sizes of this bracelet is adjustable and fits on a wrist between 17,0 to 19,0 cm. (tight measured on the wrist)

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